KatjaKaj & BenteBent

KatjaKaj is the small, round one and BenteBent is slim and tall as a tower. The two squiggly-wiggly friends are inseparable and do everything together. They are goodnatured and naive. Nature gave them very different shapes but this is only an advantage. When KatjaKaj is too short, BenteBent can reach out and this way they compliment each other perfectly. Sometimes

They run into conflicts and refuse to play with others, but quickly realize how boring it is to play table tennis alone! KatjaKaj and BenteBent often clash with the existing world because they have their very own perception of it – as if they just fell off the moon. The two friends do things because it’s fun – they turn everything into play. If you were their parent you’d be overwhelmed at their common (non-)sense, you’d be baffled, bewildered and give up and allow them to just be the way they are – and love them for it!

It all started with a series of 26 episodes of 5 min produced together with the Scandinavian Public broadcasters and WDR from Germany.

Each episode start with a short introduction followed by the main story. The introduction often involves a TV – it’s a consistent joke within the series and it sets the tone and the atmosphere. The subjects of the stories varies. Typical silly everyday stuff with their characteristic twist. In the episode “Why angels have no wings” KatjaKaj & BenteBent realize that the reason why angels have no wings is because they fart to propel from cloud to cloud – angels don’t need wings as long as they fart.

On basis of the series we also built a live animated set for a real time animated show and it ran for nearly 3 years.  KatjaKaj and BenteBent co-host the show, drive games with the viewers, interview guests and try out silly suggestions from the audience.

Our latest project with KatjaKaj & BenteBent is 6 interactive story apps on both iOS and Android built using our brand new interactive app engine.