Animgram Engine


An Animgram show is fundamentally a sequence of camera views where animated characters perform and speak. On the stage the characters can enter, leave, sit-down, get up, enter different poses and other types of animation. Each pose has lip-sync, expressions (angry, happy, sad, joyful ..) and all the individual body parts can be animated (look in different direction, turn head, raise right arm,  etc.). Characters can interact with props, like picking up a glass from the table, raising it and drinking from it.

From the producers screen the stage/camera view can be changed instantly by cutting from one to another. The views are linked to a location so all the characters keep their pose/position/mood/lipsync from cut to cut with consistent and uninterrupted ambiance sound.


You can tell your story live, broadcast, stream, facebook live or you can produce offline where all the cuts and character moves are laid off to a timeline. Once satisfied the show can be rendered to video or as a frame stack to be imported into other projects.

A basic view is composed of:



  • A background (with or without embedded atmosphere sound/SFX and random animation, like passing cars on the street seen thru the windows etc.)
  • Props, that are either stills or animated props that can be run random or by control. Like a fish swimming around in a fish bowl, or a mouse randomly peeking out from its hole in the wall.
  • One or several individually controlled characters/puppets. Up to 16 in any given view.